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by Crossfire97 at 1:13 AM
(100 Views / 5 Likes)
Hey look guys Windoom News is back =D

Found out the lag issue (Page 1)

MozieRox's bum gets bigger! (Page 2)

PvP Spawn camp plugin (Page 3)

Clan Arena new maps! (Page 4)

Casino Opening (Page 5)

Chris1789 is this months top voter for March.

Thank you chris for voting for Windoom it is greatly
appreciated by me and everyone else.

Not forgetting other people who have voted for are server thank you so much. If you can be this months top voter your name shall be shown next time so get voting and enjoy your vip chris :)


Lag issue - Page 1

Well as you may of noticed we began to get this lag happening on Windoom which meant trying to do things was a little harder than normal.

At first we thought it was the anti xray plugin we had installed on Windoom but it wasn't so we looked a little deeper white listing the server for 5 minutes then allowed people to come back and we still did not know what was doing it. Then CoolGamrSms spotted the problem out and which was quite funny.

It turns out all you gambling fanatics brought so many minecarts and when you post through the machine it fell into the void which we thought would destroy them but apparently not... CoolGamr ended up deleting 5000 or so minecarts which fell into the void...

We were puzzled on how to make the minecarts get destroyed so we tried so many ways but in the end we realised that Archer made a claim which prevented the minecarts getting destroyed so when we got rid of the claim the minecarts began to die again in the lava (Lag Issue sorted).

MozieRox's bum gets bigger! - Page 2

You guys did not think it was possible did...
by Archer6621 at 12:31 AM
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Just a short one, but the casino has been re-opened!

We just sticked with the good old casino built by Drachon, renovating it entirely.

Things that got fixed/changed by me, Gamr, and Crossfire:
-Prizes changed to show more relevance to the slot machine..
-Prices of minecarts and other fees changed accordingly with current economy (minecart price 75 --> 50)
-Fixed the Ice Qube machine, it will never ever break now as the chests below automatically wipe
-Fixed a major issue with all of the redstone based machines, related to the minecart disposal system
-Brought the nugget-based slot machines back
-Undid Reddhero12's edits for his event (wall halfway through casino)
-Made it so that the TP back to spawn is actually done by walking out of the building (that's right, just walk out and be TPed back to spawn!)
-Blackjack game fixed and operational
-Added back quick way to sell your gold (that emerald-floored building)
-Going to add garbage disposal next to every redstone slot machine

The fix for the IceQube machine was also applied to the wishing well at spawn, that one should function forever as well from now on.

New games might be on their way later, though all this is sufficient for now.

Have fun gambling, Windoomers
by Archer6621 at 9:45 PM
(117 Views / 0 Likes)
Do NOT update to anything beyond 1.7.5 yet if you want to keep playing, we will announce it when the server is ready for those versions or (more likely) for 1.8.

Chances are that we will not update to any 1.7.x version anymore at all and will instead just wait for 1.8 to come out and update to it once the server is ready.

Even then, players will not be able to join anymore if they change their name (Yes, that's going to be a new feature in 1.8) and will have to use their old one. The reason why is complicated... It has to do with lots of plugins breaking because they are mostly based on names rather than UUIDs, so we might force players to use their original username to prevent stuff from going bad.

Many details about this are unsure though, expect some more information soon.

You can edit your profile in the minecraft launcher to downgrade to an older version..
-Guide: http://www.wikihow.com/Downgrade-Minecraft

by Crossfire97 at 11:09 PM
(192 Views / 4 Likes)

Windoom has wiped as of 17-03-2014!

What has been changed or what's yet to be changed (even though I think everything is sorted) is down below this writing so please look at what's happened as it may help you understand what new / commands you can use or even know what's been fixed so you wont have to worry about the issue again.

I hope you will all enjoy this next map there has been some big though brilliant changes thanks to archer and coolgamr so a big thank you to them both, though thanks to other admins as well who have helped creating some things to be used for the next map.

-Fixed /ignore command for players
-We have removed permission for /me for players
-Added Hero Bounty (old bounty plugin) type /bounty to see the list of things to do with this
-Re-added Monster hunt and tidied it up a bit, customized points per monster.
-Fixed inconsistency with warm-ups (all cancel on move now and are 5 secs)
-Removed jobs (gold economy will be re-implemented next map) more beneficial for server economy
-Re-added blackjack plugin
-Added glowhat plugin (glowstone hat giving nightvision, glass-hat underwater breathing)
-Added back the cursefilter (bananas!) and updated MChat from 1.3.2 to 1.6.2
-Set End Reset timer to 6 hours (was 20 minutes) to stop people getting as much exp
-Fixed "%n died of unknown causes" death message
-Fixed the weird 'A' symbol infront of death messages
-Clanchat has been fixed, /c to enter clanchat and /ally to enter ally chat
-Caps will no longer become normal letters so rage all you want =I
-Nugget slot machines fixed, they will be re-introduced at the casino
-You can no longer set your home in areas where you cannot build (ty Gamr!)
-Added JoinBook plugin, gives a SINGLE rulebook on join, removes dispenser spam.
-Disabled Survival Games plugin, it will not be in then...
by Reddhero12 at 5:05 AM
(379 Views / 9 Likes)
After multiple years of spending many, many hours on WinDooM, today I step down from my position of admin. In doing so, I also retire from my playtime on the server. I may pop in very seldom, but other than that I am pretty much entirely finished with Minecraft. It was an insane ride, everyone. I met many, many people, and have memories I will not soon forget. WinDooM was a huge part of my life, and I thank each and every one of you for supplying me with years of enjoyment. It was a wonderful time. I will miss all of you. If you wish to contact me, I will always be on Skype at Reddhero12 .

Thank you. Thank all of you. I hope all of you the best of luck in life.

Best regards,